Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hair loss & propecia

Propecia (Finasteride) is for treatment for male hair loss. Propecia is specially design for men only. Be aware of that fact, Men can only use the Propecia pills. This is not made for women. You should know the about the Propecia precaution and warning as well as fact of Propecia. In below paragraph I am describing the Propecia information which will help to you. Keep distance from Propecia pills or tablet pregnant woman always far from Propecia as well child. Propecia pill is broken then also. Research and studies: Propecia is work effective in 95% men, 66% men have re-growth the hair.25% men make stable the hair. Only 2% have effected by Propecia side effects. Propecia is prescription based pill. There is no harm with propecia, Propecia is popular approved medicine for male hair loss treatment. If you are take Propecia pills till 6 months or 1 year then when you see the result.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hair loss Solutions for men

Hair solution is important for men. Most of men are suffering for hair loss. In market, there are so many solutions available to treat male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss.

So if you suffer from hair loss problem. And you don’t know about effective solution for hair loss treatment. Then don’t worry. There are many solutions to give an end to all of hair loss problems. We listed below:

Hair Transplant:

It is one of advanced and quick therapy for treatment of male pattern hair loss. But it’s one of expensive treatment.

Laser treatment:

Laser therapy has a great success rate to treat hair loss problem. Such as: - Laser comb, a proven treatment for thinning hair and re-growing scalp hair.

Herbal Hair loss remedies:

There are many Herbs support to treat from hair treatment. True fact is herb’s never give negative effective .

Prescription Drugs and Medications:

* Propecia
* Minoxidil (Rogaine)
* Nizoral

Friday, May 29, 2009

How effective is Propecia over hair loss products?

Propecia (Finasteride) is effective drug to control to fail your hair. Propecia works to inhibit the formation of DHT. Adverse effects of the DHT on the hair follicles, is reason of hair loss. Finasteride is ingredient of Propecia. If you are taking Propecia regularly, Propecia will give result absolutely.
Propecia is newest most popular drug in market for hair loss treatment. And Propecia also has the longest, most successful run of any treatment that has undergone FDA experiment successfully where number of people still maintains healthy hair.
Statistics show the efficacy of Propecia, is:

 17% Improved
 66% Maintained
 1% visible Loss
 2% side effects

And other product show different figure:

 8% Improved
 30% Maintained
 33% visible loss

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hair color side effects

Today people using hair color in regular life. People are using different color now days for trends. There are many hair color products in available in market. But you should know that side effects do exist in hair color product. Some side effects happen for short and long period.

Hair color effects are depending on your skin condition as well as premature aging of the hair. Two types of hair product implied normally. First, those that is for dying hair only and secondly other types of product which used to protect hair or even reconditioning it.

Propecia is for specially made for who are suffers from hair loss. Finasteride is ingredient of Propecia. Propecia pills available in 1mg. if you are taking regulars Propecia pills 6 to 12 month, so it’s helpful for you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Propecia Dosage – Male baldness treatment

Propecia Finasteride is specifically design for male baldness treatment for men only. Finasteride is main ingredient of Propecia. Propecia dosage is available in 1mg. Propecia is nothing but a complete treatment of your male baldness treatment. According to Clinical studies, Propecia can control hair loss control in duration of 12-month.

Sometime Propecia adverse reaction happens. Sometimes patient discontinued the Propecia medicine and after they are suffer from Propecia side effects. Given below of some details (in %) about Propecia side effects results:-

1. 1.4% of the patients were discontinued due to adverse experiences
2. 0.9% of patients on placebo discontinued
3. Decreased libido (1.8%, 1.3%),
4. Erectile dysfunction (1.3%, 0.7%)
5. Ejaculation disorder (1.2%, 0.7%)

Also in clinical studies with Propecia, some side effects happen for breast tenderness and enlargement, urticraia, testicular pain and swelling of the lips and face.

Propecia over- dosage

One more reason when you take high dose Propecia. Then Propecia side effects happen and that is harm your body. Until further experience is obtained, no specific treatment for an overdose with finasteride can be recommended.

General recommendation Propecia dosage is 1 mg once a day. You can take Propecia with or without meal.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair growth and proper hair care

Don’t shampoo the hair too much

Clean hair is liked by everyone. It adds tot eh overall outer look of a person. Cleaning your hair everyday can be a good thing however, sometimes shampooing the hair too much or consistently for a long period of time can be one of the reasons for hair loss. So, it’s always advisable not to overdo it.

Avoid brushing or combing

Hair straightens and detangles much easily when they are wet. During the combing process however, the stress on the hair shaft gets more and there is the likely possibility of damaging the hair. Too much brushing or combing the hair damages them. It may look nice but in reality brushing your hair excessively could be one of the reasons of hair loss.

Choose the right shampoo

A shampoo with pH level of 5.5 is ideal. Don’t buy shampoo that includes conditioning shampoo, as conditioner products are often very weak, says research studies. The stand–alone shampoos are often much more powerful.

Don't use anti-dandruff shampoos

Anti–dandruff shampoos contain formaldehyde and selenium sulfate that are ingredients, which can cause cancer or degenerate the liver. There are some other toxic ingredients as well that are found in anti-dandruff shampoos and can be harmful for your hair.

While Shampooing

You should learn the proper procedure of shampooing the hair. During shampooing the hair, make sure not to do it with your fingernails. You can instead do it with your finger tips and palms.