Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hair loss & propecia

Propecia (Finasteride) is for treatment for male hair loss. Propecia is specially design for men only. Be aware of that fact, Men can only use the Propecia pills. This is not made for women. You should know the about the Propecia precaution and warning as well as fact of Propecia. In below paragraph I am describing the Propecia information which will help to you. Keep distance from Propecia pills or tablet pregnant woman always far from Propecia as well child. Propecia pill is broken then also. Research and studies: Propecia is work effective in 95% men, 66% men have re-growth the hair.25% men make stable the hair. Only 2% have effected by Propecia side effects. Propecia is prescription based pill. There is no harm with propecia, Propecia is popular approved medicine for male hair loss treatment. If you are take Propecia pills till 6 months or 1 year then when you see the result.