Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reason and solution - hair loss treatment

Hair loss is common problem now days. Hair loss or Male baldness treatment is known as Alopecia. Alopecia is name suggest within scientific community. Hair loss problem is also depending on age group. Mostly people come under between 35-50 age groups.

Hair loss problem increasingly day by day, due to some internal and external factor such:

- Improper care

- Outside Environment

- Hereditary nature

- Take wrong medicine

Natural hair loss treatment

Since most of the causes of hair loss in women are temporary, there are things that you can to do eliminate the condition.

-Join Exercises program

-Take Proper nutrients

-Not using chemical color or oil

-Take care of hair product shampoo, oil etc.

-Use a shampoo formulated for increasing body and volume

-Eat foods rich in soy to help protect hormonal health