Thursday, November 27, 2008

2. Male Hair loss

Most of the men are suffering from male baldness. In Medical terms suggest as known as “androgenic alopecia”. Mostly men affected by male pattern baldness when attains puberty.

Hair loss is common problem in men and woman. However, it is researched and proofed that men are more suffering compare to woman.

Beware of fact about Propecia side effects may lack of sex drive and impotence. So therefore, you should go to consult with your family doctor.

High level of DHT in the scalp is the main reason of male hair loss. After a men attains puberty DHT is available in the body as its use is to develop secondary sexual traits.

Men should too careful for your hair because men are suffering from hair loss in early age cause of some internal (gens, side effects of medicine) and external (outside factor environment, chemical).