Friday, March 20, 2009

Natural treatment of hair loss

Natural treatment for any disease is always better than any other treatment. Natural treatment is an old method for the treatment of any disease. Below, we explain some points to prevent the hair loss. You can use it in your daily routine.

A. Soybeans – soybean is good source of Vitamin E, which help to increase blood circulation and absorbs the oxygen. Vitamin E also contains Iron. Iron is important part of hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin is source of getting oxygen to the tissue of the body, which is helpful for hair growth.

B. Almonds – Almonds are also good sources of Iron and vitamin E, which control lower cholesterol problem.

C. Whole wheat – whole wheat contains silica and Iron. It is an important protein, which helps to absorb many other minerals and Vitamins.

D. Cow’s milk – Cow’s milks contains so many protein- vitamins. Cow milk is always beneficial to body as well as hair growth.

E. Oats – oats is source of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Oats also absorb the Iron. All these sources provide benefit to hair growth as well as in preventing hair loss.

F. Orange food is good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a big part of the development of collagen, which is necessary for hair growth.