Friday, April 10, 2009

Mineral helps to treat hair Healthy

We should know about basic knowledge of hair treatment which helps to solve your hair loss problem. Minerals, foods, vitamin are element which are responsible for healthy hair growth. We used always pharmaceutical drug. All drugs have some side effects which affects your body as well as money.

Iodine is important mineral for your health hair. And when you are using Iodine then you are not using only Iodine. You need a certain type of Iodine. You should away from iodized salt and using Iodine from food source. Kelp, yogurt, cow’s milk, boiled eggs and strawberries etc all are good source of Iodine.

Iron is also taking impotence place to treat healthy hair. Many people take iron supplement. So please avoid it. Because iron supplement hard to absorb in our body. You should get Iron from food sources. Whole gains, dried beans, dried fruits, Lima beans, soya bean, dark green leafy vegetables, oats so on, all are great source of Iron.

Zinc is mineral that helps to absorb the other nutrients that you need. Actually too much zinc, block the absorption of the other minerals. Zinc is very important for tissue growth and hair growth in specifically. Chickpeas, split peas, raw cashews, pecans, green peas, almonds, ginger root and lima beans are all food source of zinc.