Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3. Normal Hair loss

Normal hair loss is natural life cycle of hair .Normal hair loss is called also alopecia. Some of Diseases Such as illness, Hypertension, side effects of medicine and age causes etc also some side effects of particular medicines skin disease etc. all are cause of hair loss. Heredity is main cause of hair loss in men. If we will see the figure in all over the world, most of the young age suffered from hair loss. Moreover, each person loses around 300-400 hairs. This is normal loss from amount of hair.

The normal growth cycle following three stages:

1. 1.Anagen stage

2. 2.Catagen stage

3. 3.Telogen stage

In Anagen stage – Hair stays in the phase for two to three years. Each hair will grow 15 cm per year.

In catagen stage - This phase is a transition phase and the hair stays for one to four weeks.

In Telogen stage - This phase is called resting phase. This phase lasts for three month, allowing the hair to detach itself prior to falling out.