Saturday, December 13, 2008

5.Thyroid Hair loss

Thyroid hair loss is one of the hair loss types. Commonly hair loss cause of external environment and genes (heredity).Hair loss cell also close if you are suffering from illness or work pressure. Hormonal changes and imbalance, surgery, improper diet and different using pills and thyroid hair loss – all these are different common conditions under which cause of hair loss.

If hair loss is occurring due to Thyroid hair loss then you know the remember some point and you keep in mind , your condition can assessed by a dermatology, if you are suffering from any malnutrition or not , so you can start treatment of hair loss .

You should aware about all types of hair losses; Thyroid hair loss, autoimmune alopecia and male pattern hair loss. Thyroid hair losses happen under some condition:

1. -Hyperthyroidism

2. -Hypothyroidism

When your hair tend to find hair faking under the shower, due to hairbrushes and hair combs then you are a victim of hair loss because of Thyroid.

Synthroid is useful and functional, in case of hypothyroidism but it causes in thyroid hair loss as its side effects. That things many and even medical practitioners are not aware of. Therefore, you must check your condition and see to it that your hair is falling not due to synthroid.