Friday, December 26, 2008

Propecia Advatages & Disadvantage

Propecia Advantages

· Easy Timetable - one pill taken once a day.

· Propecia is specific made for MEN.

· Keep step-by-step hair re- growth start

· Say no to yes (Stop hair loss to progressing).

· Good side effect such as Shrinking of the prostate gland in men susceptible to an enlarged prostate.

· Hair loss pill is capable of enhancing hair growth and actually increases the number of hair strands in any given area of the head.

· The actual counts of new hair growth was on higher side amongst men who were treated with hair loss pill and all the treated men were able to grow thick hair within two years of taking medication.

Propecia Disadvantages

· Propecia is only for MEN.

· Cause sexual side effects such as decreased sexual desire, difficulty in achieving an erection.

· The long continuous treatment with Propecia can be expensive & complex.

· Propecia had seen to give favorable results within a short period of three months if taken daily and the effects weeded out in one year if discontinued.

· Propecia pill is not suitable for use by women and even pregnant women are giving to advise to keep off from coming into contact with the broken capsules.

· The last disadvantage could be that the frequent intake of such hair loss pill might result in reduced sexual desires in men.